Settings for a Garmin 1000 Edge

There are a few settings I would  change on the Garmin Edge 1030 to give the best navigation.

  1. Click the Settings Icon at the bottom of the home screen  
  2. Select Activity Profiles then select your preferred profile (default is Ride)
  3. Select Navigation, then select Routing
  4. Set Routing Mode to Road Cycling
  5. Set Calculation Method to Minimize Distance (though Minimize Time shouldn’t be too different)
  6. Ensure Lock On Road is set to On
  7. Select Avoidance Setup and make sure all options are disabled. Since we are loading pre-planned routes onto the Edge, we don’t want it recalculating the route on us if it thinks there may be a toll, highway etc.
  8. Set Recalculation to  Disabled. If you lose GPS signal, or go slightly off course for a block or two, with recalculation enabled the Garmin has a tendency to shortcut you to the end of your ride with whatever it feels is the quickest way. This is almost always not what you want! By setting it to prompted, you can choose to recalculate or not.

The newer Garmin 520 plus is much cheaper and smaller than the Garmin 1030
Which can be bought from here Garmin 520 Plus


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