London to Paris

This is a 4 day self guided tour from Marylebone Station in London to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and taking the Eurostar train back to St Pancreas, London.

The London to Paris Route

This route is over 4 days. Day one is 54 miles and starts at Marylebone Station and goes south through London and the south downs to Lewes where the first day finishes. On the second day it’s a short 8 mile cycle to New Haven and catch the 4 hour ferry to Dieppe and then a 35 mile cycle on the traffic free Avenue Vert to Forges-Les-Eaux where the second day finishes. The third day is a 59 mile cycle to Pontoise, not traffic free, but much of the journey is on very quiet smooth roads. The final day is 20 mile cycle into Paris and to the Eiffel tower.

Planning the ride

When planning this route, work out when you want to come home and first book the return journey on the Eurostar also book in your bike which is a separate booking, see How to book your bike on Eurostar, then at least you know you have the return booked and when you want to come back. Then work backwards to find out when you want to book the Ferry. Once these are booked you can use the ride detail pages (links below) to determine where to book the stay over at the end of each day.  I have indicated on the ride detail pages potential hotels and coffee stops.  It is worth noting that much of France between Dieppe and Paris closes between 1pm and 3pm, so plan where and when you want to stop for coffee and cake.

Ride details for each day

Day 1 – 54 miles
London to Lewes : Map elevation and GPX files

Day 2a – 8 miles
Lewes to Ferry : Map, elevation and GPX files

Take Ferry

Day 2b – 35 miles
Dieppe to Forges-Les-Eaux: Map, elevation and GPX files

Day 3 – 59 miles
Forges-Les-Eaux to Pontoise: Map, elevation and GPX files

Day 4 – 20 miles
Pontoise to Eiffel Tower: Map, elevation and GPX files

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