Great Missenden to Stanton St John and back

The route from Great Missenden to Stanton St John and back is a circular route passing through villages;  Askett, Ford, Dinton, Chearsley, Chilton, Oakley, Horton and to Stanton St John for Coffee at Rectory Farm, the Tractor Shack.

The return journey goes through Worminghall, Shabington, Long Crendon, Cuddington, Haddenham, Longwick, Loosley Row and back to Great Missenden.

Download the GPX file for your device by clicking on the word “download” below, just past the maps and elevation diagram.

[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/The_Tractor_Shack_Stanton_st_John.gpx”]

Coffee stop
Is at 27 miles at the Tractor shack in Rectory Farm
Lovely coffee/cake stop and bike friendly more details :

Tractor Shack at Rectory Farm:

tractor shack
tractor shack


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