30k training loop from Deep Mill

This is a non stop route starting and stopping from Deep Mill Farm.

the routes start along the A413 and turns off onto London road and then left onto Nags head lane. just under the bridge turn right onto Nags end lane (yes its the same road) and turns onto Peterly lane.

follow this to the top and cross over and go down Perks lane.  Atthe bottom turn left onto Hampden road and the next right onto Bryants Bottom road.  Take this road all to way to the end. at hte top Do a left/right wiggle and continue onto Peters Lane.

After 2kms take a left onto Kop hill and take it down to the end and turn right onto New road.

Just before the roundabout take the right onto Berryfield road and this will eventuallturn left and turn into the Avenue. At the end turn right onto Aylesbury road and then take the third left onto Mill lane.  Just before the railway bridge turn right onto Crowbrook road.

At the end turn right onto the Cadsden road and continue over the roundabout and up Cadsdan hill.  At the top go down the Longdown hill and turn right onto the Rignall road.

Follow the Rignall to Great Missenden hight st and through to the A412 and back to Deep mill Farm.

The Route

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