Fabric Lumaray Front Cycle Light fits under a Garmin

Fabric Lumaray Front Light

The Lumaray light fits between the Garmin and its mount.
It is designed to be about the same size as a 810 Garmin GPS, the light features the Garmin quarter turn locking mount with the male side underneath, and the female side on top. That allows it to mount directly to your Garmin mount, then your Garmin mounts right on top of it.

What kind of light do you need?

There are 2 types of light to use on a bicycle. 1) to see where you going and 2) to be seen by. The Lumaray is the second of these – to allow other road users see you. the light brightness is 30 lumes, and does offer 270° of visibility, although we noticed the drop handlebars and the cyclists hands on the hoods can block the side part of the lighting .

The lowest price Lumaray light I’ve found is from  The Cycle Store

The Luminary is a to-be-seen light. More importantly, this light is it frees up the handlebar space as it sits neatly under the Garmin, it also means I keep the  light with the Garmin. Therefore,  whenever I charge the Garmin, I charge the  light.

Battery Life

How long does the battery last? The light has 3 settings, High, low and Flash and the product sheet states a two hour on high, or seven and a half hours on low and seven hours on flash.

What I like about the light is it stays with the Garmin, so I take the Garmin off to charge and take the light with it, they charge together and go back on together and this design gives a clean look to the handlebars. while giving out a great light to be seen by.


If you use a Garmin then this light is for you